How to play poker and its various types, best tips and game rules

To understand how to play poker, you don’t need to spend much time. This’s simultaneously one of easiest and most interesting games. This game will completely absorb your attention.

Below there’re poker basics with which you’ll always take biggest prizes. You don’t have to spend much time on your own drawing rules for winning.


There’re several styles of playing poker that all players try to adhere to. The following will help to understand how to play poker for beginners:

  • Aggressive play;
  • Passive play.

Nevertheless, main chance to win is your knowledge, which comes with experience. Carefully analyze games you’ve played and steps you’ve taken. In this case, you’ll have individual advantage that no one else has.

Goal of any poker strategy is to minimize losses and get maximum winnings. To achieve this, you should study following 5 steps:

  1. Immediately plan several combinations that you can play based on cards that you have.
  2. Mask your cards. Don’t show frustration or joy, otherwise you’ll immediately lose.
  3. Select strategy. Play aggressive or passive game.
  4. Confuse your rivals. Bluff a lot and confidently.
  5. Don’t hesitate to raise your bid or discard your cards for a long time. If this goes on for a long time, your opponents will realize that you have bad cards.

Stick to these steps and your strategy will always work.


Texas Holdem is most popular type of poker. Omaha is second most popular poker game and has very similar rules of game. To understand how to play Texas Holdem poker, you need to read rules below.

In both cases, 52-card deck is played. Each player is given individual cards, and 5 common cards are laid out on table. Two of them are closed.

Main and only difference between Omaha and Texas Holdem is distribution of cards to each player. In Texas Holdem, player gets two cards, and in Omaha, four closed cards. In this case, a player must make combination of three community cards and two of their own. Order must go clockwise.

Goal in any type of poker is to collect the highest combination among opponents.

How to play poker of other types

There’re huge numbers of poker varieties. There’re just a few of them:

  • Short Deck Holdem;
  • Razz;
  • Omaha Hi-Lo;
  • Open Face Chinese;
  • 7-Card Stud;
  • Dealer’s Choice Games;
  • 5-Card Draw;
  • 2-7 Triple Draw.

But don’t be afraid to play only classic poker. You already know how to play poker of the following types: 3 card, video poker, Pai Gow, 5 card, and many others. You should only know basic combinations. And to learn features of each of them (how they differ from classic version), you’ll need no more than minute.

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