Play Texas Hold`em Free: Rules, Top Players and Tournaments

Due to the massive number of live broadcasts on TV, Texas Holdem has become one of the most popular type of poker on the planet, both in land-based and online casinos and on poker sites. You can play both with friends and go online to find massive wins.

What is Hold`em

You can learn more about this type of poker below, but for now, we’ll give you some basic information on how to play free ultimate Texas Hold`em:

  • Each gambler receives two cards, which only he can visually see;
  • The dealer distributes 5 open cards. The first time he deals 3 cards, then one, and then the last one. These cards can be used by all participants to collect the best combination of 5 cards;
  • After each deal of open cards, gamblers take turns placing bets. To continue the game in the hand and see the next card, the player must put the amount in the pot as much as the others who have remained in the hand;
  • The player with the best hand takes the whole pot.

The rules of the game are quite simple, but there are a crucial number of all kinds of strategies, tactics and various nuances. Play Texas Holdem with no registration and no download.

How Do Online Hold`em Tournaments Are Usually Held

For entry into a poker tournament, in most cases, a fee is taken. Although there are exceptions. Participation is free in the so-called freerolls where you can play for fun.

An integral part of poker tournaments is the constant rise in blinds, which encourages gamblers to play Texas Holdem online for free much more actively, otherwise players will lose their stack and will not be able to continue the tournament game.

The constant growth of the blinds and the dynamic changes at the table make the game of poker tournaments a classy pastime and, at the same time, allows to apply different strategies.

The Most Famous Winners

Let’s highlight some famous poker players who win the most money at different tournaments.

  1. Tom Dwan. A professional poker player who is known around the world for his wins in online poker. In 2008, he won around $6,000,000 on Full Tilt Poker. Father helped Tom make his first and only deposit in the poker room. He put in his account the $50 accumulated by Tom. And by the age of 18, Tom had already won over $15,000. The maximum one-time win is $672,353. And the maximum payout per day is $1,900,000.
  2. Phil Ivy. Winner of five bracelets of the World Series of Poker, winner of the tournament of the World Poker Tour. Phil eight times got to the final table of world tournaments and leads the rating on this indicator.
  3. Sam Trickett. Born in 1986. 2010 was one of the best years for Sam Trickett for his entire career. Participating in the World Series of Poker 2010 (WSOP) tournament, Sam won prizes 6 times. Then, at the European Poker Tour (ETP), it takes 4th place. After these achievements, Sam Trickett was named the best player in the 2010 ranking.

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