Poker hand rankings – knowledge that should be always in the mind

It doesn’t matter what type of poker meets the eye of a player, whether they are Omaha, Texas Holdem or 3 Card Draw, Poker hand rankings should become an information, learned by heart. More experienced players pay much attention to starting hands, as when the chart with chances is in the head, it can give advantage over rivals.

There are many varieties of Poker, but the most popular of them are the following:

  • Texas Holdem. Poker hand rankings will be explained by using this type of the game.
  • Omaha.
  • 7-Card Stud Poker.
  • Razz Poker.
  • 2-7 Triple Draw.

Of course, there are more types of this fantastic game, but the mentioned ones are definitely represented on most gambling sources.

Starting Poker hand rankings and their cheat sheet

There can be many words of explanation of this or that starting Texas Holdem Poker hand rankings in order of their “strength”, but it’s always better to have a convenient table with all variants and chances.


The best combinations in Poker and chances to get them

The below mentioned table shows Poker hand rankings in order of their “strength” and possibility of getting them.

Royal Flush1 in 649 737
Straight Flush1 in 72 193
Four of a Kind1 in 4 164
Full House1 in 693
Flush1 in 508
Straight1 in 253
Three of a Kind1 in 46
Two Pair1 in 20
One Pair1 in 1.36
High Card1 in 0.99

The given information is very useful for beginners and more advanced players. It’s enough to learn it, and success is guaranteed.

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