Poker tournaments – qualify and take part in an exciting world event

Among all the existing types of gambling, the most popular game among American players has long been the Poker card game, which is beloved all over the world. The vast majority of people begin to practice this entertainment after watching large and prestigious Poker tournaments, traditionally held in Las Vegas, other US cities, as well as in many other countries. But it is in America that special attention is paid to these grandiose events, therefore they are considered the most vivid and memorable in the gambling life of the country.

The tournament format of this card game is able to highlight and demonstrate the very best side of entertainment. The fact that the biggest event can simultaneously bring together a huge number of world famous Poker masters significantly increases the feeling of rivalry, strengthens the sporting spirit and adds a strong appeal not only to participants, but also to outside viewers. Currently, specialized online sites can provide many gaming tables for everyone, but nothing can be compared with a live tournament organized as a real world championship.

Famous Poker tournaments in Las Vegas

It’s no secret that after frequent viewing of Vegas Poker tournaments, all American viewers have significantly increased interest in this exciting game. Players are also attracted by the possibility of the largest winnings with minimal buy-in fees.

In addition to the fact that the biggest sporting event is capable of collecting a fantastic prize pool, fame and long-term world popularity await each lucky winner. At the same time, the player is not required to be a professional. Here are the best of prestigious tournaments:

  1. Without exaggeration, the largest of the known Poker tournaments can be called the World Series of Poker (WSOP), regularly held in Las Vegas and also considered the World Championship. It began its existence back in 1970 and among other similar events is a clear leader. Those who want to compete for a gold bracelet are paid $ 10,000, and the selection for the Main Event and other events of the series is carried out using satellites.
  2. An equally spectacular series of tournaments taking place in Las Vegas and other US cities is the World Poker Tour (WPT), which began in 2001. This sports festival gave the world many famous winners, and since 2019, WPT began to work with partypoker LIVE and 888poker, which significantly increased its popularity.
  3. Young enough is the PartyPoker Live Millions tournament, which debuted in Vegas in June 2019. The series takes place throughout the whole year in different countries.

You should not ignore such popular competitions around the world as the World Series of Poker Europe (WSOPE), Triton Poker and the European Poker Tour (EPT), which bring their participants great joy and wealth.

Features of live free tournaments on the Internet

Many beginner players pay attention to free Poker tournaments, which are organized by the operators of specialized gaming portals in order to attract a large audience. Here are the positive features of these events:

  • To participate in the free live tournament, entrance fees are not required;
  • The prize payouts for winning here are of real value (expensive gifts, a ticket to participate in the biggest tournament);
  • A unique opportunity to gain the necessary experience for playing for real money.

Many professional players, before becoming a participant in a famous event and gaining worldwide popularity, began their careers with free live online games.

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